Out now: Köhler/Gulati/John (eds), Elgar Companion to UNIDROIT

With the publication of the Elgar Companion to UNIDROIT, edited by Ben Köhler, Rishi Gulati, and Thomas John, the trilogy of books on the three key international institutions mandated to work on private international law and uniform private law is now complete. The volumes on the HCCH and UNCITRAL have been published in 2020 and 2023 respectively.

The Elgar Companion to UNIDROIT

The editors have kindly shared the following description with us:

The comprehensive Companion provides a unique overview of UNIDROIT, the primary independent organisation coordinating the unification of private law across its 65 member states. As the third in the suite of titles covering the ‘three sisters’ of uniform private law and private international law, it considers UNIDROIT’s role in the creation of existing uniform law, as well as posing questions about its future in the sector.

The Companion offers a broad range of diverse perspectives on UNIDROIT, providing a rich reference resource that considers the history, present and future of the organisation. The team of authors explore the evolving scope and role of UNIDROIT, with a particular focus on its Principles of International Commercial Contracts, as well as its contributions to secured transaction processes, capital markets and cultural properties. Through its assessment of case studies, the Companion delineates the current priorities of UNIDROIT, as well as examining the future of the organisation, and outlining how the organisation can address challenges such as sustainable development and disruptive technologies, and further advance its own impact in underrepresented regions.

Covering a broad range of perspectives from scholars and practitioners alike, this Companion will be a crucial reference point for academics and students in the fields of private international law, and international commercial law, especially those interested in how international organisations contend with critical legal issues.