Vulnerability: a Matter of Perspective(s)

The international seminar “Vulnerability: a Matter of Perspective(s)”, is scheduled to be held online on Friday, 29 September 2023, starting at 10 a.m. CET on Microsoft Teams.

The seminar is centered around Private International Law (PIL). Specifically, various sessions of the seminar will delve into the diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives of PIL in the context of ‘Vulnerability.’ Many presentations will scrutinize the role of PIL, as well as international conventions and treaties, in relation to vulnerable communities, territories, and individuals. Additionally, the seminar will emphasize the importance of PIL in devising viable solutions. These solutions aim to ensure that present and future generations can remain in their homelands and achieve sustainable human development. This encompasses a broad range of societal aspects, including food, housing, artificial intelligence, and finance.

The teams link to access the seminar is: https://tinyurl.com/25knxwa8

The conference is a collaborative effort between EuriConv (www.euriconv.eu) and Omninext (www.omninext.it).

The seminar’s format comprises three sessions:

English session at 10 a.m. CET
Italian session at 4 p.m. CET
Spanish and Portuguese session at 6 p.m. CET

Each session will be coordinated by Ivan Allegranti, Ph.D. Candidate in Civil Law at the University of Camerino, while the coordination of the entire seminar is curated by Allegranti himself together with Jorge Gracia Ibáñez and Míriam Villamil Balestro. The panels will feature insights from distinguished academics and researchers across Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, India, Portugal, and Brazil.

Introductory Context of the Seminar: The concept of ‘Vulnerability’ has recently gained paramount importance across various disciplines – from philosophy, politics, and law to the socio-economic domain. Today, this term encompasses broader themes like environmental conservation, formulation of policies at various levels, and an array of nuanced meanings when linked with individual experiences. It provokes profound deliberations on human interactions, societal unity, and sustainable advancement. As researchers, understanding and articulating this multifaceted notion becomes essential.

The scientific committee includes: Patricia Branco, Lucia Briamonte, Piermichele La Sala, Mariana N. Sánchez, Gerald G. Sander, and Antonio Sàrcina.

The technical secretariat of the event is composed by: Grazia Sàrcina and Ilaria Tonti.

Subsequent to the seminar, the proceedings will be published in a collective work which will be released in the weeks following the event.

Furthermore, this seminar will set the stage for EuriConv’s upcoming initiative on Disaster Risk Management and the Right to Remain in Your Own Homeland, laying the groundwork for a series of future scientific initiatives.

For general information or inquiries about the seminar please contact EuriConv at: connect@euriconv.eu.