Out Now: The Recognition and Enforcement of Punitive Damages Judgments Across the Globe – Insights from Various Continents, by Cedric Vanleenhove & Lotte Meurkens

Maastricht Law Series officially released the recent book edited by Dr Cedric Vanleenhove (Assistant Professor of Private International Law at Ghent University and Maître de Conferences at the HEC Management School of the University of Liège) and Dr Lotte Meurkens (Assistant Professor of Private Law at Maastricht University) titled The Recognition and Enforcement of Punitive Damages Judgments Across the Globe – Insights from Various Continents (Eleven, The Hague, 2023).

The description of the book reads as follows:

Thus far, private international law issues relating to punitive damages have mainly been dealt with from the perspective of several European countries. Systematic research into countries outside Europe was lacking up until

now. There is, however, a continuous discussion in various legal systems worldwide on the recognition and enforcement of foreign punitive damages judgments and, in particular, regarding their compatibility with the

public policy of the country of enforcement.

In October 2021, the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI) organised a Roundtable on the recognition and enforcement of punitive damages across the globe. Experts from different continents reflected on the current position in their jurisdiction(s) and exchanged their understandings and ideas in the Roundtable. This resulting book includes an introductory chapter on the status quo of punitive damages enforcement in Europe, followed by country reports from Russia, China, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan, Commonwealth Africa, Mexico and Argentina, and Brazil. In conclusion, overarching insights from the Hague Conference are formulated.

This book provides an invaluable resource for academics, judges, practitioners and policy makers in the field of private international law, punitive damages, and civil law remedies. It gives an overview of the treatment of punitive damages judgments across continents and may serve as a building block for further research.


Table of Content


Enforcement of Punitive Damages in Europe: An Overview

Cedric Vanleenhove

Recognition and Enforcement of Punitive Damages in Russia

Vsevolod Chernyy

Punitive Damages in China: Codification, Developments and Global Cooperation

Wenliang Zhang and Yingqi Zhong

Recognition and Enforcement in Korea of Judgments of Foreign Countries Awarding Punitive Damages

Kwang Hyun Suk

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Awarding Punitive Damages in the Philippines and Japan

Béligh Elbalti

 Enforcement of US Punitive Damages in Commonwealth Africa

Abubakri Yekini and Adeola Adedeji-Adeyemi

 Punitive Damages in Argentina and Mexico – Rethinking the Scope of the Public Policy Exception

María Guadalupe Martínez Alles

 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Punitive Damages Decisions in Brazil

Erico Bomfim de Carvalho

Towards an International Standard on the Recognition of Punitive Damages? – The Role of the Hague Conference on Private International Law

Marta Pertegás Sender and Francesco Zappatore


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