Venezuelan PIL Master Classes

by José Antonio Briceño Laborí, Professor of Private International Law, Universidad Central de Venezuela y Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

The Master’s Program in Private International Law and Comparative Law at the Universidad Central de Venezuela started on October 1st a series of conferences titled “Master Classes – Selected Topics on Private International Law” held in the Aula Maekelt (Maekelt Classroom), named in honor of the beloved late professor Tatiana B. de Maekelt. The conferences will be held in Spanish (unless otherwise indicated), every fifteen days through the application Google Meet (or other virtual conference application).

The Master Classes were inaugurated with a lecture by Professor Eugenio Hernández-Bretón titled “Scope of territorial application of data protection laws: a ‘revived’ conflict of laws?” where professor Hernández-Bretón explained the problems posed by the territoriality of data protection laws and how they can be solved through the principles of Private International Law. This opened a fruitful discussion among the attendees.

The next lecture will be held on October 15 at 4:00 p.m. (Venezuelan Time) by Professor Andrés Carrasquero Stolk on the subject “Enforcement immunity from judgements and awards against Venezuela”. If you want to attend this Master Class you can email the Master’s Program at, where they will give you all the information.

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