Call for Participation in a Questionnaire on Children’s Rights

The Universities of Genoa, Valencia, Turiba, the Institute of Private International Law in Sofia, the European Association for Family and Succession Law, and Defence for Children Italy are currently conducting a research Project to collect and develop best practices on the right of the child to information in cross-border family proceedings.

The “MiRI Project” (Minor’s Right to Information in EU civil actions), co-funded by the European Union (JUST/2018/JCOO/AG/CIVI/831608), foresees the involvement of lawyers and judges which may contribute to a truthful reconstruction of how children are effectively informed of their rights, of the circumstances litigated before courts, of the consequences following specific decisions, etc. during cross-border proceedings.

Lawyers and judges may provide their knowledge and expertise by fulfilling a questionnaire – answers to the questionnaire will help Partners to the Project to identify, disseminate already existing good practices, and possibly elaborate new ones.

The questionnaire is available in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Latvian, French and Italian.

Answering the questionnaire takes approximately 25-30 minutes; consultations are open until the end of November 2020. Answers are anonymous and will not be published. Answers can be sent to

The Partners to the Project appreciate your involvement!