Annual research meeting Dutch ILA branch: International Law for a Digitised World

The ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ROYAL NETHERLANDS SOCIETY OF INTERNATIONAL LAW (ILA Dutch Branch) is online accessible on Friday 6 NOVEMBER 2020 (13:30 – 16:30 CET).  

 Over the decades, international law adapted in many ways to the quickly evolving, multi-facetted digital reality, and one of the central questions now is whether or not concepts and ideas developed in the ‘predigital era’ still fit the digitalised world. Is international law, both public and private, ready for the digital era or has it rather been a ‘fragmented follower of developments’ and should it fundamentally rethink a number of notions and approaches? 

Four speakers will present their papers on the adaptability of (private) international law to the digital environment. Two officials of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M. BUSSTRA and W. THEEUWEN) will give an overview on “International Law in the Context of Cyber Operations”. Y. BURUMA, a Justice of the Supreme Court of The Netherlands, will present his views on “International Law and Cyberspace – Issues of Sovereignty and the Common Good”, while D. SVANTESSON, Professor at the University of Bond (Australia) will consider whether “International Law [Is] Ready for the (Already Ongoing) Digital Age: Perspectives from Private and Public International Law”. 

There is ample room for debate after these presentations. Given the topical theme and the open debate with public and private international lawyers, this event may be of interest to some readers of this blog. Should you be interested, please register no later than 3 November 2020 by sending an email to info@knvir.org.

Thanks to Marta Pertegás Sender for providing the text