Recent private international law titles offering common law perspectives

Private International Law in Australia
The 4th edition of this leading book authored by Professors Reid Mortensen, Richard Garnett and Mary Keyes has been published with Lexis Nexis and is available for purchase as a paperback or an eBook here. Significant recent developments in the private international law of Australia, including legislative reforms and important case law, are examined in this edition. In addition to a detailed analysis of the principles applicable to jurisdiction, choice of law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, the authors give dedicated attention to international arbitration, family law and company law. This edition also features a brand-new chapter on the choice of law rules applicable to equitable claims and trusts. This book will be a valuable addition to the library of anyone with an interest in the private international law principles applicable in common law jurisdictions, particularly in Australia.

Commercial Issues in Private International Law: A Common Law Perspective
This collection, edited by Mr Michael Douglas and Professors Vivienne Bath, Mary Keyes and Andrew Dickinson, has just been published in Hart Publishing’s series, Studies in Private International Law. It is the culmination of the successful and enjoyable conference held at the University of Sydney in February of last year. The authors include judges, scholars and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Their chapters deal with a range of contemporary topics, including rules for service out of the jurisdiction; case management stays; rules governing the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and their relationship with jurisdiction; arbitration; (overriding) mandatory rules; proof of foreign law and party autonomy, among others. The Honourable William MC Gummow, a retired justice of Australia’s highest court, remarks in the foreword that “Legal advisers, advocates, judges, scholars and students will find in these pages much to engage them and stimulate further thought.”. The book is available for purchase as a hardback or an eBook here.