The book titled I Regolamenti europei sui regimi patrimoniali dei coniugi e delle unioni registrate: commento ai Regolamenti (UE) 24 giugno 2016, n.1103 e 1104 applicabili dal 29 gennaio 2019, authored by Paolo Bruno, was recently released by the Italian publisher Giuffrè.

The official description (translated from the Italian original) states:

With the adoption of Regulations (EU) Nos. 1103 and 1104 of 2016, applicable from 29 January 2019, the supranational legislator has completed – albeit in the form of enhanced cooperation – the framework of European family law, dictating common rules on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions in matters of matrimonial property regimes and property effects of registered partnerships. After intervening over the course of a decade in the matrimonial matters and parental responsibility, then in terms of maintenance obligations and succession, the Council of the European Union has therefore provided citizens and professionals with the necessary coordinates to reach a complete definition of the property relationships of spouses and partners (between them and third parties) deriving directly from the creation of the family bond or its dissolution. Retracing the structure of the two legislative acts, as supplemented by the Implementing Regulations (EU) No. 1935 and No. 1990 of 7 and 11 December 2018 which adopted the standard forms attached to them, and commenting on the discipline in the light of the most recent rulings of the European Courts, the author examines their compatibility with the relevant institutes of Italian substantive and procedural law – from the reflections on the discipline of legal communion and applicability to registered partnerships and de facto couples, to exploring their practical implications in terms of circulation of agreements on assisted negotiation – in a constantly evolving regulatory and social context.

This book follows Bruno’s former book Le controversie familiari dell’Unione Europea published with the same editor in 2018.