Second Seminar on the Boundaries of European PIL

Boundaries of European Private International Law

Seminar n° 2 – Louvain la Neuve:

What are the Boundaries between Internal Market and European PIL and among PIL Instruments?

5/6 June 2014

Coordination : Jean-Sylvestre Bergé (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), Stéphanie Francq (Université catholique de Louvain) et Miguel Gardenes Santiago (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

A demonstration of the existence of European private international law is no longer necessary. However, the question of the place of European private international law in a more globalised legal order, i.e. the difficult but crucial theme of reconciling European private international law to the legal frameworks that preceded it at national, international and European level, has been largely neglected to date.

The aim of this research program is to remedy this situation by holding discussions in different locations in Europe (Lyon – Barcelona – Louvain), bringing together European specialists in private international law or European law and doctoral or post-doctoral students.

For this second seminar, taking place in Louvain-la-Neuve (following the very successful Barcelona seminar, held in March), two main themes will be tackled:

1. Reconciling European private international law with other fields of European law, namely the internal market (free circulation and harmonisation of private national legislations) and other aspects of the area of freedom security and justice (immigration and cooperation in criminal matters);

2. Reconciling the various European instruments of private international law.

Thursday, 5 June 

Inaugural Session

14:30 to 15.00: inauguration of the seminar and welcome addresses

15.00 to 16:15: opening session, chaired by Dean Marc Fallon,  Louvain University.

Veerle Van Den Eeckhoudt, Professor, Antwerp & Leiden University, “The Instrumentalisation of Private International Law by the European Institutions : quo vadis? Rethinking the ‘Neutrality’ of Private International law in an Era of Europeanisation of Private International law and Globalisation” 

Marion Ho-Dac, Lecturer, University of Valenciennes, “Adapting European Private International Law to the Demands of the Internal Market.”

15.50- 16.15 Discussion


First workshop: Reconciling European private international law with other European law aspects of EU substantive law: internal market and other aspects of the areas of freedom security and justice

16:45 to 18:15: first session of the first workshop

Ulgjesa Grusic, Lecturer in Law, University of Nottingham, The principle of effectiveness in EU law and Private International law: the case of transnational Employment in the English courts

Fieke Van Overbeeke, Doctoral candidate, University of Antwerp, The lost social dimension of the EU: A private international law perspective of labor in international road transport

Alexandre Defossez, teaching and research assistant at the University of Liège, The Posting of Workers Directive: Erase or Rewind?


Friday, 6 June

9:00 to 10:30: second session of the first workshop

Blandine de Clavière Bonnamour (Lecturer, University Lyon 3) et Bianca Pascale (Doctoral Candidate, University Lyon 3), The Scope of European Consumer Law (Substantive and Private International Law Aspects)

Lydia Beil, Doctoral Candidate, University of Freiburg , Reconciling Private International Law with European Consumer Law: Where to start consumer protection in the context of E-Commerce?

Laura Liubertaite, Lecturer Vilnius University, The Impact of Primary Law of the European Union on the Bilateral Conflict of Laws Rules of the Member States


Second workshop: Reconciling the various European instruments of private international law.

11:00 to 12:30: first session of the second workshop.

Farouk Bellil, Doctoral candidate, University of Rouen, Articulating the various PIL instruments applying in the field of insolvency

Eleonore De Duve (Doctoral candidate) and Anna Katharina Raffelsieper (Research Fellow), Max Planck Institute for International, European and Regulatory Procedure (Luxembourg), The Debtor’s Protection in European Civil Procedures: Reviewing the Review

Libor Havelka, Doctoral Candidate, Masaryk University, Moving Back and Forth, On the Relationship between the Brussels I Regulation and International and National law

14:30 to 16:00: second session of the second workshop.

Cécile Pellegrini, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Luxembourg, Current State of the European and American Exorbitant Grounds of Jurisdiction.

Maria Aranzazu Gandia Sellens, Doctoral Candidate, University of Valencia, The Relationship between the Brussels I Regulation Recast and the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court, Specially Focusing on  Patent Infringement: when reality exceeds fiction

Jacqueline Gray (Doctoral candidate, Utrecht University), Pablo Quinzá Redondo (Doctoral candidate, University of Valencia), The Coordination of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Related Proceedings: the Interaction between the Proposal on Matrimonial Property Regimes and the Regulations on Divorce and Succession

16:30 to 17:30: third session of the second workshop

Ioannis Somarakis, Doctoral Candidate, University of Athens, The scope of application of the method of recognition for foreign situations in European private international law

Amélie Panet, Research and Teaching Assistant University Lyon 3, The recognition of situations of personal status created in third countries