New Papers on Business and Human Rights

“Business, Human Rights And Children: The Developing International Agenda”, by O. Martin-Ortega and R. Wallace, has been published in The Denning Law Journal 2013, vol 25, pp 105 – 127. The following excerpt illustrates the contents:

“The instruments analysed in this article are part of an important trend: the development of a comprehensive response to the risks children’s rights face from business activities. Until recently international focus has been somewhat ad hoc and sector-specific. This has been evidenced by the concentration on the regulation of child labour and economic exploitation of children and the consequences of the privatisation of public services on their rights. The international legal instruments regulating these spheres placed the responsibility in the fulfilment of the rights of the child exclusively on states. However, both the CRB Principles and General Comment 16 acknowledge a responsibility of business vis-à-vis children’s rights beyond that of the state (…). Whilst only states have direct obligations with regards to children’s rights, increased recognition of business responsibilities in instruments such as the ones analysed here, contribute to (…) the creation of fertile ground for increased demands on business. This may lead to indirect obligations in international law and the development of direct obligations in national systems.

The CRB Principles and General Comment 16 are also important because they are based on the conception of children as rights bearers. This goes beyond the traditional perception, in the context of business activities, that children are mainly objects of protection from economic exploitation and abuse as members of the labour force or recipients of welfare services.”

Still in the domain of business and human rights, another recent (and critical) publication of Prof. Zamora Cabot is worth mentioning – this time on the USSC Daimler decision: “Decisión del Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos en el caso Daimler Ag v. Bauman et al.: Closing the Golden Door” (Papeles El tiempo de los derechos, 2014, 2).

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