Conference: Migrant Children in the 21st Century (Cagliari, 11-12 December 2014)

The University of Cagliari will host on 11-12 December 2014 a two-day conference on children-related legal aspects of immigration: “Migrant Children in the 21st Century“. All sessions will be held in English, and an entire session will be devoted to private international law issues. Here’s the programme (available as a .pdf file):

Section I – The special vulnerabilities of migrant children (11th December, 15h00-18h00)

Chairman: Massimo Condinanzi (Univ. of Milano)

  • Adriana Di Stefano (Univ. of Catania): Gender perspectives on child migration and international human rights law: a critical approach;
  • Valerie Karr (Univ. of Massachussets Boston): Children with disabilities and asylum policies;
  • Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani (Univ.  Telematica Nettuno, Roma): The protection of internally displaced children;
  • Federico Lenzerini, Erika Piergentili (Univ. of Siena): Exploitation of migrant children in economic activities;
  • Alessandra Annoni (Univ. of Catanzaro): The protection of trafficked children in Europe.

Section II – Substantive guarantees for migrant children (12th December, 10h00–13h00)

Chairman: Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi (Univ. of Siena)

  • Roberto Virzo (Univ. of Sannio and LUISS, Rome): International legal instruments and the protection of migrant children at sea;
  • Eleanor Drywood (Univ. of Liverpool): Migrant children and family reunification: do the rights of the child ever prevail over immigration control?
  • Emanuela Pistoia (Univ. of Teramo): What protection for children of migrant workers deported from EU Member States?
  • Francesca De Vittor (Univ. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan): Migrant children’s right to education. The gap between recognition of principle and effective protection;
  • Federico Casolari (Univ. of Bologna): The right of migrant children to political life.

Section III – The protection of best interest of migrant children through private international law (12th December,15h00-18h00)

Chairman: Roberto Baratta (Univ. of Macerata)

  • Aude Fiorini (Univ. of Dundee): Establishing habitual residence of migrant children;
  • Thalia Kruger (Univ. of Antwerp): The civil aspects of international child abduction;
  • Paul R. Beaumont, Katarina Trimmings (Univ. of Aberdeen): Legal parentage and reproductive technologies;
  • Maria Caterina Baruffi (Univ. of Verona): Recognition and enforcement of measures concerning right of access;
  • Laura Carpaneto (Univ. of Genoa): Recognition of protection measures affecting migrant children.

(Many thanks to Ester di Napoli, Univ. of Cagliari, for the tip-off)