Hague Academy, Summer Programme for 2014

Private International Law

Second Period: 28 July-15 August 2014

General Course

4-15 August

Arbitration and Private International Law: George A. BERMANN, Columbia University School of Law


Special Courses

28 July-1 August

* Renvoi in Private International Law – The Technique of Dialogue between Legal Cultures: Walid KASSIR, Université Saint-Joseph

Legal Certainty in International Civil Cases: Thalia KRUGER, University of Antwerp

Circulation of Cultural Property, Choice of Law and Methods of Dispute Resolution: Manlio FRIGO, University of Milan


4-8 August

Maintenance in Private International Law, Recent Developments: Christoph BENICKE, University of Giessen

The International Adoption of Minors and Rights of the Child: María Susana NAJURIETA, University of Buenos Aires


11-15 August

Limitations on Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration: Giuditta CORDERO-MOSS, University of Oslo

International Air Passenger Transport: Olivier CACHARD, University of Lorraine


*in French, with English translation.