Reflections of Legal Pluralism in Multicultural Settings (article)

Prof. Zamora Cabot and Victoria Camarero (University of Castellón), have just published a new, co-authored article in the series Working Papers “El Tiempo de los Derechos” (ISSN: 1989-8797).

Focusing on the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, the authors of the paper have carried out an extensive, thoroughly documented initial survey (published elsewhere) of the relationship between legal pluralism and multiculturality. Along this line, in the present study they offer some introductory reflections to frame the complex and multifaceted world of legal pluralism, highlighting the religious factor (especially Muslims and the Sharia).  They then proceed with two sections devoted to analyze the existence of elements of plurality, both in the domestic substantive law and in the systems of private international law of the abovementioned jurisdictions. The authors conclude that those elements are far from being enough to address the challenges arising from the presence of Muslim minorities in Western European, particularly against the current background of economic crisis.

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