New UAM “Julio d. González Campos” Seminar (13 April)

The Private International Law Department of the UAM (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid) is happy to announce a new edition of the so called “Julio D. González Campos” series of seminars on April 13, with Matthias Lehmann (Professor of Private International Law at the Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, and Director of the Institute of Economic Law, and Eva Lein, Herbert Smith Senior Research Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law) as speakers.

The first session will begin at 11:00 with Ms. Eva Lein’s intervention, entitled “Which Law Should Apply to an Assignment of Claims? – The Reform of Article 14 Rome I Regulation”. The second lecture, by Prof. Lehmann, is programmed for 12:15, under the title “Do We Need A Reform of the Rome I Regulation Regarding the Law Applicable to Financial Torts?”. Both sessions will be in English.

All those interested are welcome. Venue: Seminar V (Julio D. González Campos, 4th Floor), Faculty of Law, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.