Blogger Served by Chevron to Reveal Gmail Information

Kevin Jon Heller, a regular contributor to international law blog opiniojuris, was subpoenaed by Chevron to reveal information related to his Gmail account. Heller has often criticized Chevron’s action in Ecuador on the blog.

The email that he received from Google and his thoughts about it are available here.

It is interesting to note that Chevron was asking for

nine years of IP logs, which would likely have given them three types of information: (1) the geographic location from which I sent each and every Gmail; (2) the kind of device I used to send each and every Gmail (phone, computer, iPad); and (3) the service provider (internet, mobile, etc.) I used to send each and every Gmail. 

So, who is next in the blogosphere? Heller states that 43 other persons, including other bloggers, were subpoenaed.

Does this go with the job?