Spanish Legislación de Derecho Internacional Privado, latest edition

The 14th edition of the Legislación de Derecho Internacional Privado has been released. Prepared by Professors Santiago Álvarez González, Carlos Esplugues Mota, Pilar Rodriguez Mateos and Sixto Sánchez Lorenzo, it a useful tool for students, practitioners, and foreign scholars willing to know what PIL laws, either autonomous, conventional or European, are applicable in Spain (and, for the last two, what their Spanish wording is: not always the same as in other languages). The Legislación de Derecho Internacional Privado includes most of the rules in force in Spanish PIL: ad. ex., those of domestic source, provisions of the European Union and the EFTA, Hague Conference, Council of Europe Conventions, International Commission on Civil Status Conventions and United Nations Conventions, as well as a list of 25 bilateral agreements on cooperation. New to this edition is the inclusion of the Hague Convention of October 19, 1996; Regulation (EU) no. 1259/2010 (Rome III); and the important reform of the Spanish Arbitration Act. To have a look at the complete summary click here.