Second Issue of 2011’s Journal du Droit International

The second issue of French Journal du droit international (Clunet) for 2011 was just released.

It includes five articles, one of which only explores a conflict issue. It is an article presenting the new Chinese law on private international law (La nouvelle loi chinoise de droit international privé du 28 octobre 2010 : contexte législatif, principales nouveautés et critiques). It is authored by Chen Weizuo, who is a professor of law at Tsinghua University School of Law, and Lydia Bertrand, who practices in Paris.

This article begins by briefly describing the legislative history of China’s new private international law statute, i.e. the Statute on the Application of Laws to Civil Relationships Involving Foreign Elements of the People’s Republic of China of 28 October 2010, which entered into force on 1 April 2011. It will then undertake a study on the main novelties of China’s new private international law statute for the Chinese private international law system. Finally, it concludes with critical comments on this new statute.