New Book on Parental Responsibility and Child Protection

Dorothea van Iterson: “Ouderlijke verantwoordelijkheid en kinderbescherming” (Parental Responsibility and Child Protection)

On 1st May 2011 the 1996 Hague Child Protection Convention entered into force in the Netherlands. Consequently the Netherlands joined the group of countries where this Convention is in force alongside the Brussels II bis Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003). The Regulation has been operative in the EU (with the exception of Denmark) from 1 March 2005.

A new book, entitled “Ouderlijke verantwoordelijkheid en kinderbescherming” (Parental Responsibility and Child Protection), aims to give guidance on the way the two instruments are to be applied together and in conjunction with other instruments such as the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention. It describes similarities and differences between the instruments and identifies areas for uniform interpretation. The themes dealt with are: scope, co-operation, jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition, enforceability and enforcement. The rules of the Convention and the Regulation on each theme are compared. A comparative table summarizes the subject matter discussed in each chapter. The author reviews case law of the EC/EU Court of Justice and the Dutch courts from 2005 onwards, illustrating the operation of the international instruments and the statutory provisions implementing them in the Netherlands. Special attention is given to administrative and judicial co-operation. These aspects have become an intrinsic element of Dutch legal practice.

The volume (260 pages) was written by Dorothea van Iterson. It is part of the series “Praktijkreeks IPR” (chief editors: L.Strikwerda and P.Vlas). It was published on 1st September 2011 by MAKLU Publishers,     

More information as well as the table of contents can be found on the publisher’s website.