Tokyo symposium papers on IP available for download

The formerly announced international symposium in Tokyo on the topic of “Intellectual Property and International Civil Litigation” was held some ten days ago and several contributions from the speakers are accessible for download from the official website.

The available papers include:

  • Joinder of Jurisdiction, Provisional Measures, and International Parallel Litigation by Professor Dai Yokomizo
  • Legislative Proposal on Jurisdiction by Professor Shigeki Chaen
  • International Jurisdiction in Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Cases by Associate Professor Tatsuhiro Ueno
  • Applicable Law in Intellectual Property Infringement by Associate Professor Ryu Kojima
  • The Governing Law of Contracts for the Transfer or Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights by Associate Professor Mari Nagata
  • The Governing Law of Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights including Validity by Professor Ryo Shimanami
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Relating to Intellectual Property by Professors Toshiyuki Kono and Nozomi Tada and Dr. Miho Shin
  • In addition, there are contributions presenting the provisional text of CLIP Principles in the part dealing with international jurisdiction and recognition/enforcement of foreign decisions in IP cases by two CLIP members, Dr. Christian Heinze and Professor Pedro A. De Miguel Asensio, respectively.