New Title on Nagoya University Comparative Study of Civil Justice

CCF20091007_00000Professor Masanori Kawano, from Nagoya University, leads the project “Establishing a new framework for realizing effective transnational business litigation”, supported by the Grant-in-Aid Program for Creative Scientific Research of JSPS. Main aim of this project is the setting up of an international framework and a methodology for comparative legal studies, in order to alleviate the problems stemming from legal diversity. To meet this goal, Professor Kawano has planned a series of books on civil justice in European countries.

“Civil Justice in Spain”, edited by Professors Carlos Esplugues and Silvia Barona, from University of Valencia, is the third book of this series, being preceded by its equivalent in the United Kingdom, edited by Professor Neil Andrews, and in Finland, edited by Professor Laura Ervo. Upcoming books will include Italy, France and Hungary. “Civil Justice in Spain” has been published by Jigakusha Editions (Tokio) and it offers a thorough overview on Spanish civil procedure. Authors come from different Universities in Spain and have worked according to the aforementioned methodology, in order to facilitate access to Spanish system to English-speaking readers and professionals, especially from Asia.