Flashairlines – Online Symposium

In a recent post, I reported how the Paris Court of appeal accepted to decline jurisdiction in order to meet the jurisdictional criteria of a U.S. court and enable plaintiffs, most of whom were French, to get back to California and resume proceedings there.

The Flashairlines litigation raises many fascinating issues. Here are just a few of them: were each of the courts calling for or even engaging into international judicial cooperation? Where does this case, that none of the courts initially wanted, belong? Should French (and more generally civil law) civil procedure be twisted in some of its most basic principles (availability of declaratory relief, conveniens analysis) in order to reach jurisdictional purposes, and which one?

In the days to come, Conflictoflaws would like to organise an online symposium on the case. We hope that many European and American scholars will want to share with us their thoughts on the issues it raises. If you are interested in participating, feel free to post comments or to contact us.

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