Study on the Application of Brussels I in the Member States Completed

The Study on the Application of the Brussels I Regulation in the Member States which has been carried out by the Institute for Private International Law at the University of Heidelberg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hess, Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer (both Heidelberg) and Prof. Dr. Peter Schlosser (Munich) on behalf of the European Commission has been completed now.

The aim of the study has been to prepare a report of the Commission according to Art. 73 Brussels I. For this purpose, for the first time since the entry into force of the Brussels I Regulation, statistical, empirical and legal data on the application of the Regulation has been collected in all former 25 Member States (with the exception of Denmark). The comprehensive survey has been executed with the assistance of national reporters from the respective Member States by means of numerous personal interviews with lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners, written consultations as well as an extensive evaluation of case law on the basis of questionnaires elaborated by the general reporters.

Based on the information submitted by the national reporters, a report has been drawn up by the general reporters which gives an overview of the experiences made with the Regulation in the Member States, examines problems and contains several suggestions for future amendments of the Regulation.

This general report has now been published on the website of the European Commission. The individual national reports will be publicly available in the near future as well.

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