Owusu and Turner: The Shark in the Water?

Chris Knight (St John’s College Oxford [BCL]) has written a short article in the Cambridge Law Journal entitled, “Owusu and Turner: The Shark in the Water?” (2007, 66: 288-301). Here’s the abstract:

An important current issue in the conflict of laws is how to deal with the decision of the European Court of Justice in Owusu v. Jackson. It has left numerous unanswered questions on the scope of the Brussels I Regulation and the future is deeply uncertain. Much could be written on whether Owusu is correct, and even more on where one should progress from the current position. But the concern of the present article is more limited: how does the decision in Owusu interact with the previous decision of the European Court of Justice in Turner v. Grovit? Before addressing that question, however, it is necessary to introduce both decisions, and, in particular, the different views of where the future after Owusu may lie.

Those with access to the CLJ can download it from here; otherwise, you can purchase the article for £10.00.