Mance: "Is Europe Aiming to Civilise the Common Law"?

Jonathan Mance (House of Lords) has published an article in the European Business Law Review entitled, “Is Europe Aiming to Civilise the Common Law?” ((2007) 18 E.B.L. Rev pp. 77-99) Here’s the abstract:

Explains the EC project to develop a Common Frame of Reference (CFR) for substantive civil law, and responds to criticism that the European Commission is acting beyond its competence and planning to replace the UK common law system with a Continental civil code. Reviews the tendency towards civilian principles in the project to harmonise private international law. Examines the development of the CFR project.

Those with access can download the PDF from the Kluwer website. Update: Andrew Dickinson has kindly pointed out that this article is the 2006 Chancery Bar lecture, and can be downloaded for free from here.