Happy Christmas / Holidays

On the assumption that no more items will be posted to Conflict of Laws .net before 25th December, and possibly 1st January (although we did, in fact, churn out quite a few posts in the festive period last year), I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas / Holiday, and a very Happy New Year. I hope everyone returns in 2008 thoroughly refreshed and recharged, helped along by a diet of turkey, fruit cake, mince pies and plenty of wine.

I would like to quickly mention our team of 15 National Editors. If you find this website useful and/or interesting, it is because of their expertise, dedication and generosity. 325 items on new cases, legislation, publications, news, reviews or whatever else have been posted on Conflict of Laws .net during 2007, which represents a considerable amount of time and effort. We have several more scholars joining the team in 2008. If your country is not represented on Conflict of Laws .net, and you would be interested in becoming an Editor, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes, Martin George.