German Book on European Ordre Public

A German monograph on the evolving concept of the public policy exception from a national level into a European perspective has been recently published by Mohr Siebeck. It has been written by Ioanna Thoma (Brunel University, London): Die Europäisierung und die Vergemeinschaftung des nationalen ordre public (The Europeanization and Communitarization of National Public Policy).

The English presentation reads as follows (a longer version is available in German on the publisher’s website):

Ioanna Thoma deals with the influence of the ECHR and EU law on the public policy exception in private international law. In spite of the harmonization of substantive laws in many areas, especially within the context of the EU, there is still room for the application of the public policy exception. She portrays the way in which the content of national public policy is gradually changing under the normative effect of the ECHR and EU law. By referring to seminal decisions of the European and national courts, Ioanna Thoma proves that the public policy exception is no longer purely national.

Ioanna Thoma, Die Europäisierung und die Vergemeinschaftung des nationalen ordre public, 2007. XX, 288 pages (Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht 182). ISBN 978-3-16-149351-5. Available from Mohr Siebeck.