European and International Uniform Law Conference

European and International Uniform Law: How to Achieve a Uniform Legal Practice of the Rules of Uniform Law

26/27 October 2007 at the European University Institute, Florence. The programme:

The State of Development of Uniform Law in the Fields of

  1. European and international civil and commercial law (Mattias Lehmann, University of Bayreuth)
  2. European and intellectual property law (Annette Kur, University of Stockholm/Max Planck Institute for IP, Munich
  3. European and international family and child law (Andrea Schulz, Federal Office of Justice, Bonn)
  4. From international conventions to the treaty of Amsterdam and beyond: what has changed in judicial cooperation in civil matters? (Ansgar Staudinger, University of Bielefeld)

How Uniform is Uniform Law?

  1. The practitioners’ view: the “arts of forum shopping” in a changing world of uniform law (Thomas Simons, Simons Rechtsanwalte)
  2. English law and the continental concepts in European law (Jonathan Harris, University of Birmingham)
  3. Tearing down barriers – the development of the public policy barrier in Europe (Peter Hay, Emory University Atlanta)

Techniques of international legal information

  1. Pleading and proof of foreign law in domestic proceedings (Rainer Hausmann, University of Konstanz)
  2. Dynamic legal research: the PIL e-project of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Eva Lein, Swiss Institute, Lausanne)
  3. Developing international legal information: Aspects of information technique (Daniela Tiscornia, Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell’Informazione Giuridica, Florence)

There’s also a discussion of the Unalex and European Commentary project, a talk by Peter Schlosser, University of Munich on How to apply the uniform legal rules, and finally a panel discussion on just How uniform is the European jurisprudence in the field of uniform law, with Gunter Hirsch, President of the German Federal Court, chairing.

There doesn’t seem to be a website for the conference, but interested parties can contact Sibylle Calabresi-Scholz (email) for further information and booking.