The "Comments" Feature: A Forum for Discussion

Readers of this site will, I’m sure, be pleased to learn that there is now a fully operational “comments” feature in place on the site, that enables readers to discuss the news items published on CONFLICT OF LAWS .NET. Under each news item you will find a link to the comments feature, which looks like this (the link is circled in red):

The number in brackets after “Comments” will tell you how many readers have already left comments about that news item. Clicking on the link will take you to the individual webpage for that particular news item, where you can discuss that item by leaving comments in the window provided. The comments window looks like this:

Once you have filled in your “Name” and “Email” once, the site will remember it for future occasions. Simply type your “Message” in the window provided, choose whether or not you want to be notified of any other comments left by other readers about that news item via email (by checking the box), and click “Submit.” Your comment will then be published on the site, underneath the news item.

We very much hope that this will serve as a useful and effective forum for discussion amongst our international readership. If you have any questions about the comments feature, then by all means contact us. Let the discussion commence!