New Text on Private International Law in Australia

Reid Mortensen (TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland) has published a new text on Private International Law in Australia. Here’s the publisher’s summary:

Private International Law in Australia is a substantial new text, providing comprehensive coverage by an internationally respected expert author in this area of law. The standard range of topics is covered in suitable detail for LLB students. The book includes important recent developments in private international law. Examination of the decision in Renault v Zhang (2002) and other recent developments will make this the most current, accurate text covering the private international law of tort, a major part of the field for practitioners and students. Summary of contents:

  • Introduction to Private International Law
  • Jurisdiction and Judgments
  • Choice of Law
  • International Family Law
  • Choice of Obligations Law
  • Choice of Property Law

ISBN: 9780409322446. Price: $95.00 (Australian dollars). Available from LexisNexis Australia