Useful Links

1. European Union Legislation and Law

Council of Europe

Council of the European Union

EU Official Documents


European Commission

European Parliament

European Union On-Line

The Legislative Observatory

The Hague JLS Programme

Direct Links to European Private International Law Legislation (Europriv)

2. United Kingdom Legislation and Law

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

United Kingdom Parliament

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Court Service Website (Judgments)

House of Lords

3. Germany Legislation and Law

Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Federal Supreme Court

Bundesjustizministerium (Ministry of Justice)

German Conflict of laws (EGBGB)

4. International Law

Comité Maritime International (CMI)

Hague Conference on Private International Law

UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law)

United Nations Treaty Collection

World Legal Information Institute

World Legislation (by continent)

5. National Institutions and Associations

British Institute of International & Comparative Law (UK)

European Private Law Forum (European University Institute) (Italy)

Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg (Max-Planck-Institute for foreign and private international law) (Germany)

Institut für internationales und ausländisches Privatrecht, University of Cologne, (Institute for foreign and private international law) (Germany)

Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privat- und Wirtschaftsrecht, University of Heidelberg, (Institute for foreign and private international law) (Germany)

Europäische Rechtsakademie, Trier (Academy of European Law) (Germany)

6. Blogs on European, Comparative and Private International Law

EU Law Blog

European Court of Justice Blog

Free Movement Blog

Comparative Law Blog

Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] Blog

Àrea de Dret Internacional Privat – Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (in Spanish)

7. University Websites

Tetley’s Maritime & Admiralty Law

European Private Law (University of Southampton)

8. Journals

Journal of Private International Law

International & Comparative Law Quarterly

Journal of International Maritime Law

Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly