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Preparing for Brexit, part 2

The European Commission has just released some new factsheets and Q&A documents regarding the consequences of a no-deal Brexit here. Inter alia, the information given concerns the rights of consumers (including the applicable law and the enforcement of judgments), of EU citizens living in the UK, of UK citizens living in the EU, and the position of EU students enrolled at UK universities. However, the date for a hard Brexit mentioned in the documents is still 29 March 2019, which is in any event no longer accurate after last week’s summit (see our previous post here).

Preparing for Brexit

At the moment this note is written, it is unclear whether there will be another vote in the House of Commons concerning Theresa May’s deal with the EU-27 at all (see here for the latest developments). Already on 18 January 2019, the European Commission recognized that “[i]n view of the uncertainties surrounding the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, all interested parties are reminded of legal repercussions which need to be considered when the United Kingdom becomes a third country”. In order to clarify matters, the Commission has published a so-called Preparedness Notice which is meant to give guidance to stakeholders with regard to the implications of a no-deal Brexit in the field of judicial cooperation and private international law. The full text of this notice is available here.

Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional, Vol. 11, No 1 (2019)

The latest issue of Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional, an open-access online journal focusing on private international law, is out.

It features some sixty papers (in Spanish, English and Italian) covering a broad range of topics, such as matrimonial property regimes, trade names, the legal framework of drones, child abduction, international data transfers, successions upon death and antitrust torts.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has announced that the Inter-American Juridical Committee (CJI) has approved the Guide on the Law Applicable to International Commercial Contracts in the Americas. See the summarized recommendations on p. 6, the actual Guide starts on p. 16.

The Rapporteur of the Guide is Dr José Antonio Moreno Rodríguez.

Dr. Felix M. Wilke (University of Bayreuth, Germany) recently published a new book titled “A Conceptual Analysis of European Private International Law”.

This year’s Journée de droit international privé of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law will be devoted to Interim Measures in International Commercial Litigation, and will take place on 23 May 2019, in Lausanne.

Speakers include George A. Bermann, Andrea Bonomi, Lawrence Boo, Sabine Corneloup, Gilles Cuniberti, Karim El Chazli, Sandrine Giroud, Laurent Hirsch, Alexander Layton, Ilaria Pretelli, and Gian Paolo Romano.

Prof. Uzelac has published recently an article on the current challenges to investor-state arbitration in Europe. The article comes almost as a birthday present, to celebrate one year after the CJEU published its famous Achmea ruling. The summary of the article reads as follows:

The meaning of economic freedoms of movement

Following a call for papers announced on this blog a few months ago, the University of Nice will host on 23 and 24 May 2019 a conference exploring the meaning of economic freedoms of movement (Le sense des libertés économiques de circulation).

On Friday, 12 April 2019, the EU Justice funded project GoInEu (Governing Inheritance Statutes after the Entry into Force of EU Succession Regulation) and the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries’ will organize a conference and a workshop on the first three (and half) years of application of the EU Succession Regulation (650/2012/EU).

Another HCCH Convention has recently reached the number of 100 Contracting Parties. In February and March 2019, two States joined the HCCH Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Intercountry Adoption Convention): Guyana (by accession) and Honduras (by ratification).