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Virtual Workshop (in English!) on 13 January 2020: AG Maciej Szpunar on Extraterritoriality

Since the summer, the Hamburg Max Planck Institute has hosted monthly virtual workshops on current research in private international law. That series, so far held in German, has proven very successful, with sometimes more than 1oo participants. Starting in January, the format will be expanded. In order to broaden the scope of potential participants, the series […]

Walking Solo – A New Path for the Conflict of Laws in England

Written by Andrew Dickinson (Fellow, St Catherine’s College and Professor of Law, University of Oxford) The belated conclusion of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement did not dampen the impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union on judicial co-operation in civil matters between the UK’s three legal systems and those of the 27 […]

Brexit Deal: What Happens To Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters?

The Brexit deal (officially the [draft] EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement) was agreed upon, finally, on December 24. Relief in many quarters (except Universities participating in the Erasmus program, which is discontinued in the UK). But private international lawyers worry what happened to judicial cooperation in civil matters: is there any agreement at all? Peter […]

Virtual Workshop on December 1: Marc-Philippe Weller on Managing the Pandemic Through Private International Law

On Tuesday, December 1, the Hamburg Max Planck Institute will host its sixth monthly virtual workshop in private international law at 11:00-12:30. Marc-Philippe Weller (Heidelberg University) will speak, in German, about the topic „Nationalismus, Territorialismus und Unilateralismus: Pandemiebewältigung durch IPR? (“Nationalism, Territorialism, Unilateralism: Managing the Pandemic Through Private International Law”? The presentation will be followed by open discussion. […]

New Uruguayan Private International Law Statute Passed

Two months ago I reported that the enactment of a new Uruguayan private international law statute was forthcoming after the bill had passed the Senate. Similar hope had been premature in the past, but this time it proved justified:On November 17, the bill was approved by the Cámara de Representantes. Opposition to the establishment of […]

Book Launch: Challenges for Private International Law in Contemporary Society

On Friday, November 13, at 11:oo Brasilia time (i.e. 15:00 in Hamburg and 9:oo a.m. in New York)  this book will be launched via zoom. The book emerges from a 2019 conference in Brasilia, which brought together scholars from several countries, and in several languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English). It demonstrates the vibrancy of private international […]