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Giesela Ruehl

On 4 and 5 December 2018 the following two events will take place at the University of Antwerp:

The latest issue of the Zeitschrift für Europäische Privatrecht has just been released. It contains the following articles:

Thomas Ackermann, Sektorielles EU-Recht und allgemeine Privatrechtssystematik

Issue 14. 3 of the Journal of Private International Law has just been released. It contains the following articles:

Maria Caterina Baruffi, A child-friendly area of freedom, security and justice: work in progress in international child abduction cases, pp. 385-420

Out now: Issue 4 of RabelsZ 82 (2018)

The new issue of “Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht – The Rabels Journal of Comparative and International Private Law” (RabelsZ) is now available. It contains the following articles (summaries provided for non-English language) :

Mathias Reimann,European Advantages in Global Lawyering, pp. 885-921

By Friederike Henke, Advocaat & Rechtsanwältin at Buren in Amsterdam

The international demand for English language dispute resolution is increasing as the English language is commonly used in international trade and contracts as well as correspondence, not only between the trading partners themselves, but also by international parties, their legal departments and their advisors. Use of the English language in legal proceedings is expected to save time and money for translations and language barriers in general.

By Diana Kostina

The recent Court of Appeal judgment in Alexander Vik and Deutsche Bank AG [2018] EWCA Civ 2011confirmedthat contempt of court applications for alleged non-compliance with a court order can be served on a party outside the jurisdiction of England and Wales. The Court of Appeal’s judgment also contains a useful reminder of the key principles governing the powers of English courts to serve defendants outside of the jurisdiction.

Call for Papers: Cynical International Law?

The Working Group of Young Scholars in Public International Law and the German Society of International Law are pleased to invite the submission of papers for a conference on

Cynical International Law?
Abuse and Circumvention in Public and Private International Law as well as European Law

The result of the 2016 Brexit referendum was not only a political shock, but also and foremost a symbolic turning point in the history of the EU. The United Kingdom’s foreseen withdrawal from the Union has given rise to many political, legal, economic and social debates.

On 16 and 17 November 2018, the University of Innsbruck will host a conference on the Regulations on matrimonial property and on the property consequences of registered partnerships which will enter into force on 29 January 2019. The conference, organised by Stefan Arnold (University of Münster) and Simon Laimer (University of Innsbruck), aims to discuss the new rules and their implications for the further development of the law.

Yesterday, the UK government published new paper on the future of judicial cooperation in civil matters. It sets out the UK’s vision for the handling of civil legal cases if no Brexit deal can be reached.

The full paper is available here.