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Apostolos Anthimos

A bit more than a year ago, I posted here & here about a Greek ruling on the non-recognition of an Egyptian notarized talaq divorce. The same court rendered mid-July a new judgment related to the same case; this time recognition was granted! It is the first decision of this nature in Greece, which will hopefully pave the path for the future.

Apostolos Anthimos

Service of Process abroad: Lost in Translation

Written by Benedikt Windau

Benedikt Windau, Judge at the Oldenburg District Court (Landgericht Oldenburg), runs a very interesting blog (in German), focusing on German Civil Procedure. In one of his recent postings, he presented a very interesting judgment of the Frankfurt CoA, related to the Service Regulation. Upon my request, he prepared an English version of his post for our blog.

A recent ruling of the Frankfurt Court of Appeals (Docket No. 13 U 210/17) will potentially shake up the (German) law of cross-border service quite a bit, as it imposes new, hence unknown obligations on the plaintiff – and its legal counsel accordingly.

Greek Commentary on the ESCP Regulation

The first Commentary on the Small Claims Regulation (861/2007) in Greece has just been published. The volume sheds light on all aspects of cross border small claims litigation within the EU, approaching the topic both from a domestic and an EU-case law viewpoint.

The authors are the following:

An ordinary case for the recognition of a German order appointing a legal guardian became a sheer nightmare for the applicant. It took her twelve years in total, three decisions in Germany and another six in Greece, for finally being recognized as an appointed legal guardian of her husband…

In a dispute between two Cypriot citizens and the Republic of Turkey concerning the enforcement of a European Enforcement Order issued by a Cypriot court, the Thessaloniki CoA was confronted with the question, whether the refusal of the Thessaloniki Land Registry to register a writ of control against property of the Turkish State located in Thessaloniki was in line with the EEO Regulation.

Hotel contracts and jurisdiction clauses before Greek courts

Dr Haris P. Meidanis – FCIArb, Meidanis, Seremetakis & Associates Law Firm, Athens, Greece

A recent judgment of the Mytilene Court of First Instance raised a very topical issue, related to the acceptance of international jurisdiction by Greek Courts in the case of hotel contracts, nothwistanding the prorogation clause in favour of the court of some other member state (in this case the courts of the Netherlands).

A Legislative initiative procedure which started nearly a year ago, is coming now to the next level: The European Commission has recently stated its position on the European Parliament non-legislative resolution with recommendations to the Commission on expedited settlement of commercial disputes. The response is featured in a document titled ‘Follow-up to the European Parliament non-legislative resolution with recommendations to the Commission on expedited settlement of commercial disputes’. The main issues addressed may be summarized as follows:

Luxembourg Reports on European Procedural Law published

The two volumes of the Luxembourg Reports on European Procedural Law were published early this month. They are the fruits of an evaluation study of national procedural laws and practices in terms of their impact on the free circulation of judgments and on the equivalence and effectiveness of the procedural protection of consumers under EU consumer law.

Marta Requejo  has published recently an article on the Procedural Harmonization and Private Enforcement in the Area of Personal Data Protection. The article is featured in the latest edition of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law Research Paper Series, and may be retrieved here.

Dr. Marlene Brosch (Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law) recently published a book on Choice of Law Agreements and Jurisdictional Agreements in EU International Family Law and Succession Law.


Here is a brief overview provided by the author: