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Mukarrum Ahmed

SSRN: New Paper on “Regulating Offshore Finance”

William J. Moon has published an article titled “Regulating Offshore Finance” on SSRN. It can be accessed @ The abstract is reproduced below:

SLS Conflict of Laws Section: Call for Papers and Panels for 2018 SLS Annual Conference at Queen Mary University of London   

This is a call for papers and panels for the Conflict of Laws section of the 2018 SLS Annual Conference to be held at Queen Mary University of London from Tuesday 4th September – Friday 7th September.  This year’s theme is ‘Law in Troubled Times’.

This blog post is by Dr Mukarrum Ahmed (Lancaster University) and Professor Paul Beaumont (University of Aberdeen). It presents a condensed version of their article in the August 2017 issue of the Journal of Private International Law. The blog post includes specific references to the actual journal article to enable the reader to branch off into the detailed discussion where relevant. It also takes account of recent developments in the Brexit negotiation that took place after the journal article was completed.    

The second issue of 2017’s Journal of Private International Law has been published.

Just how free is a free choice of law in contract in the EU? by Peter Mankowski