Three New Papers of Professor Veerle Van Den Eeckhout

Professor Veerle Van Den Eeckhout , who teaches private international law at the Universities of Antwerp and of Leiden, has just published three new papers on SSRN.

The first one is entitled “The Instrumentalisation of Private International Law: Quo Vadis? Rethinking the “Neutrality” of Private International Law in an Era of Globalisation and Europeanisation of Private International Law”. The abstract reads as follows:

In this project, all three above-mentioned debates will be analysed as “case-studies”. The project thus includes several broad and complex themes, all of them with major international relevance and national relevance for each of the EU-countries, in a context of globalisation, in order to make it possible to come to a general, over-all view: the overall ambition of the project is to arrive – through the thorough analysis of these cases and the exploration of future scenarios for each of them – at more synthetic insights on a) the essential characteristics of PIL itself and b) the characteristics of PIL in its hinge-function, in interaction with other disciplines. There is at present a very great need for a further and thorough study of each of the case studies as such, but as the case-studies have been well-selected, it will ultimately be possible to achieve a theoretical model and a typology.

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Two other, shorter papers entitled “The Role of Private International Law in Achieving Social Justice” and “New Possibilities for Argumentation in International Labour Law and Corporate Liability Coming Up?”, can be downloaded clicking here  and here.