Italian Conference on the EU Patent System

University of Milano-Bicocca

Friday 27 September 2013 – Aula Martini U6-4




9.00 – Registration of participants

9.15 – Welcome speeches:

Prof. Marcello Fontanesi – Rector, University of Milano-Bicocca

Dr. Fabrizio Spada – Director, European Commission Representation, Office in Milan


9.30 – Morning session:

The Substantive Law

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hanns Ullrich (MPI München)


Michael König – Head of Unit, Industrial Property, DG Internal Market, EU Commission 

  • The Long Road from EC Patent to Patent with Unitary Effect: Potentials and Challenges Ahead

Prof. Fausto Pocar – University of Milan, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

  • La cooperazione rafforzata in materia di brevetti e il controllo della Corte di giustizia UE (The Enhanced Cooperation on Patents and the Control by the CJEU)

Prof. Giovanni Guglielmetti – University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Natura e contenuto del brevetto con effetto unitario (The Legal Nature and the Content of the Patent with Unitary Effect)

10.30-10.50  Coffee-break

Prof. Manuel Desantes Real – University of Alicante, Former Vice-President EPO

  • The European Patent with Unitary Effect and the European Patent Office

Prof. Vincenzo Di Cataldo – University of Catania

  • La concorrenza di discipline di fonte diversa nel brevetto ad effetto unitario (Concurring Sources of Law in the Legal Regime of the Patent with Unitary Effect)

Prof. Giandonato Caggiano – University of Roma Tre

  • La collocazione normativa delle disposizioni di diritto sostanziale e la loro interpretazione pregiudiziale (The Legal Frame for Substantive Law Provisions and their Referral to the ECJ for Preliminary Ruling)

12.00 – Interventions

Dr. Francesco Macchetta – IP Director, Bracco Imaging


14.30 – Afternoon session:                                                                           

The Judicial Frame

Chair: Prof. Riccardo Luzzatto (University of Milan) 

Prof. Marta Pertegás – First Secretary, Hague Conference of Private International Law, The Hague

  • The Institutional Framework for the Enforcement of European Patents and European Patents with Unitary Effect: a View from the Hague Conference

Prof. Roberto Baratta – University of Macerata, Legal Advisor, Permanent Representation of Italy in Brussels

  • La natura del Tribunale unificato tra tribunale nazionale «comune agli Stati» e tribunale internazionale (The Unified Patent Court between a National Court “Common to the Member States” and an International Court)

Dr. Marina Tavassi – President of the IP Specialised Section, Milan Tribunal

  • Le Rules of Procedure e i rapporti tra Tribunale unificato e giudice nazionale (The Rules of Procedure and the Relations between the Unified Patent Court and National Courts)

15.45-16.10  tea-break

Prof. Costanza Honorati – University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Il diritto applicabile dal Tribunale unificato: diritto UE, diritto internazionale, diritto interno (The Law Applicable by the Unified Patent Court: EU Law, International Law, National Law)

Prof. Marco Ricolfi – University of Turin

  • La ‘biforcazione’ tra azioni di validità e azioni di contraffazione: ragioni teoriche e problemi applicativi – (‘Bifurcation’ of Revocation and Infringement Actions: Theoretical Reasons and Practical Problems)

Dr. Micaela Modiano – European Patent Attorney

  • Il ruolo del patent attorney di fronte al Tribunale unificato (The Role of Patent Attorneys Before the Unified Patent Court)

17.30 – Interventions and discussion

Dr. Francesca Ferrari – University of Insubria

Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi – University of Macerata

Dr. Lidia Sandrini – University of Milan

18.30 – Closing of the Conference

Scientific Coordinator: prof. Costanza Honorati

The Conference will be held in English and in Italian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

For further information, please contact  

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