First Issue of 2007’s LMCLQ and Private International Law

There is a veritable feast of articles, casenotes and book reviews in the latest issue of the Lloyd’s Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly. They are:

“Piercing the corporate veil: searching for appropriate choice of law rules” by Chee Ho Tham (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 1(Feb), 22-43)

Analyses case law on whether the English courts will exceptionally disregard the separate legal personality of foreign incorporated entities in litigation, applying English or foreign company law. Discusses the jurisdiction to order remedies against shareholders on the ground that incorporation was a sham. Considers the nature of limited liability under English law.

“Substance and procedure and choice of law in torts” by Andrew Scott (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 1(Feb), 44-62)

Discusses the House of Lords judgment in Harding v Wealands on the choice of law in actions for tort under the Private International Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995 s.14. Interprets the scope of procedural matters to be determined in accordance with the laws of the forum. Reviews UK and Commonwealth cases. Considers potential problems if substantive and procedural issues must be determined according to different national laws.

“EU Private International Law: Harmonization of Laws, 2006, Peter Stone” Reviewed by Adrian Briggs (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 1(Feb), 123-126) (see our items on this publication here).

“Concise Introduction to EU Private International Law, 2006, Michael Bogdan” Reviewed by Adrian Briggs (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 1(Feb), 123-126)

“EU Private International Law: An EC Court Casebook, 2006, Edited by Michael Bogdan and Ulf Maunsbach” Reviewed by Adrian Briggs (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 1(Feb), 123-126)

The LMCLQ isn’t available online – paper subscription only.