Conference on Current Developments in European Family Law and Law of Succession

From the conference website: Lawyers are required to deal ever more with legal questions arising from cross-border family and parental responsibility cases. The following topics will be discussed:
Parental responsibilities: The application of the Brussels II Regulation in judicial practice in the Member States; Hague Convention on protection of children and Brussels II bis; Family mediation; Opportunities and limitations of cross-border mediation in family matters.
Cross-border supervision: Hague Convention on international protection of adults. Current developments in the member states: Divorce and its consequences; Descent and custody; Recognition of formalised same-sex relationships in Europe; Current issues in Europe; New legal framework for marriage issues in the EU; Regulation of matrimonial property regime on the Community level; Developments in European law of succession.

Target audience: Lawyers, especially those specialising in family law and law of succession, notaries, judges, academics.

This conference to be held in Trier, 1-2 October 2007, is organised by ERA. The conference programme can be downloaded from the conference website.